Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Alienation of the Wealthy Class.

There was a time in American politics when accusations about the intervention in American politics by the, near mythical, George Soros was largely only seen as an unfounded conspiracy theory which tended to result in my tuning out of the argument entirely, as that subject tended to serve as a marker implying we were no longer engaged in a political discussion/argument, so much as wandering the labyrinth of the mind to see where it takes us.

 I would have thought rumors of this billionaire’s involvement in the “leftist” agenda would have died down by now, disappeared into the white noise of so many internet memes who have come and gone, only to fondly resurface now and again with a quaint and modern twist. There was a time when I felt like conspiracy theories involving Soros would become so trite and banal as to resurface one day in the form of a fond memory of that time people actually believed a rogue billionaire was determined to squander his fortune on American politics so as to demolish the very capitalist foundation that shipped so many truckloads of cash directly into his New York home that he found himself forced to spend every red cent he earned to destroy capitalism just to keep himself from drowning in his own wealth, a terrible fate, I am sure!

Sadly, this particular meme hasn’t resurfaced in any entertaining or refreshing capacity, instead it has found its way back into our lives in the form of leaders in the Republican party decrying the intervention of Soros as a driving factor in American politics as one of the driving forces of our current political climate, particularly in relation to those who express an especially strong dislike for Trump and his allies. Chuck Grassley, and Donald Trump have both publicly used Soros as a talking point, suggesting that opposition to them might be driven and funded by this man, and his immense fortune, and while it might be true that their political opponents receive funding from this man (a practice I am all in favor of ending), they've taken it a step further by suggesting that acts of genuine, heartfelt protest against their despicable behavior, might actually be motivated by the very force that drives people like this to get out of bed in the morning.

It would be easy enough to look at this as a distraction technique, an attempt by those in power to discredit their opposition by suggesting they are paid actors simply doing what a wealthy scapegoat tells them to, but I don’t actually believe these people are that clever, I think these individuals are so wealthy, so far removed, so completely out of touch with the rest of humanity, and their own idealistic pursuit of wealth as an ends unto itself, that they cannot believe that a human being might actually uphold the values they claim to represent without receiving financial compensation. I believe that the reason that so many people can buy into the idea that George Soros is controlling the left that hates everything that he stands for, is because they have given themselves over so completely to their greed, that they can no longer imagine the idea that a human might do anything without getting paid to do it, so obviously, the second someone presents them with a name, they’re happy to name him as their boogey man, because what else could be driving so many people to act in this manner?